Screen Printing

VPC specializes in high-quality screen printing, putting your ideas on apparel and promotional products. Silkscreen technology has been around for over a thousand years, yet remains the most effective system in terms of cost, print quality, image durability, and production speed. Keeping up with latest trends and industry developments is important to VPC. Advances in inks, graphic design methods, machinery and even the garments themselves is constant, and we want to stay on the cutting edge of it all. Below is a brief overview of the screen printing workflow.


Creating clean artwork for screen printing is the most important part of the process. All the colors in the design will require a separate screen, so if cost is an issue, you should limit the number of colors you use. However when printing larger quantities many of the costs are balanced, and the amount of colors in your design becomes less of an issue. We prefer to create the film separations at our shop, and require artwork supplied in formats we can use, and of a high enough resolution that it will not require reworking from scratch. Advice on how to optimize designs for screen printing.


When artwork is approved we output separate transparent films for each design color (a 4 color design will require 4 separate films to create 4 screens). Each screen is coated with a light sensitive emulsion which dries and then hardens when exposed to light. The transparent films are placed between the screen and a high-powered metal halide light source. When the screen has been exposed it is rinsed with water, any emulsion that has not been exposed to the light source (the shapes of the design blocking the light) washes away, this leaves us a stencil through which ink passes. VPC uses calibrated screens and presses for the tightest registration and print accuracy.


The next part of process is where it gets colorful: your choice of ink will make a big difference to the final product. VPC tries and promote the use of the lowest impact inks at every opportunity. We carry a wide selection of water base and plastisol inks in-house, as well as discharge, burn-out, puff, and more. Water base inks are the softest, but not the brightest. Modern plastisol inks are slowly improving their environmental impact from the past, and are more versatile in terms of special effects and garment types. We’re happy to advise you on what will work best for your particular situation.

Bulk Orders

Once a job is set-up correctly, screen printing can be an incredibly fast process. The speed at which VPC can print shirts allows for very competitive pricing on bulk orders. VPC has automated screen printing machines in addition to hand printing manual presses. Our industrial-grade dryer ensures a cured final product, especially when using water-based and discharge inks. Quotes for large print runs will take into account the print area, and inks used shirt type, etc. To accurately quote a large run, we will need the finalized design.


VPC makes sure to package every order with care and consideration. All orders are packed (by neatly-folded dozens) in a clean area to ensure your shirts remain pristine and undamaged. Individual bagging is available at an additional cost. On bulk orders quotes for bagging will be dependant on garment type and total quantity. In an effort to reduce our footprint, VPC generally re-uses the boxes from the original t-shirt suppliers, with no rebranded packaging of our own other than the occasional sticker.